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As a little side project, DT Studio has teamed up with software engineer Rushil Dave to form a power-duo that offer web and mobile services for the masses. DT and mr. Dave are hard at work on the new collab and have we have created these illustrations as a little teaser to show what we’ve been up to. The site itself is still in the works and we’re taking our sweet little time with it and mostly working on client projects in the meantime.

The mission is to make good products that work intuitively, mobile and web content, social media campaigns and the like.

We’re constantly on the lookout for more talent – anyone interested in collaborating in client/art/pro bono projects should get in touch with DT.

Graphic Designer running Digitaltableteur design studio in Helsinki, Finland. Foodie & Tech geek. Creative gun for hire and wannabe-know-it-all.