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Train repeat
hair-sprayer gif
Simply a brilliant idea. I love the feeling of movement yet stillness in time. An illusion generated by merely using a few photos turned into .gif format. Something like this wouldn’t bother me quite as much hanging on the side of my internet browser as an advert. Check out Jamie Beck’s and Kevin Burg’s other cinematographs on Jamie’s blog here.

“Our Cinemagraphs are a way of adding motion to a still image. On average, the more intricate ones take a day to edit and the simpler ones take 3-4 hours.
It’s something we’d been experimenting with for about a year but it really came together during fashion week with the post “Les Tendrils” and culminated with “Anna Sees Everything” which touches on the “ultimate portrait” — an image that captures the essence of a person through an action or a scene they are closely associated with. Another example of that is “We all get dressed for Bill.”

The image format of these is .gif — and that’s been highly influential to their style since a .gif adds many interesting and archaic limitations to what is possible. The .gif format is practically as old as the internet itself and we find it interesting that as a format it’s getting new life, particularly on Tumblr. But ultimately it’s a delivery mechanism in the same way JPEG is to still images.”

– Jamie Beck

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