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A Quick Guide to Lettering

A nice typo-related guide from Austin TX based Ryan Hamrick

Romain Laurent Loop Portraits

I came across Romain’s amazing “Loop Portraits” on Instagram a while back. He also does commercial photography at as well.

1x Dribbble Invite

I’ve got one invite left guys and I would like invite some new talented people to be drafted in the game. Please send me an example or portfolio link to and you might be a player No cat photos plz. Size (400×300) or (800×600).


2X Photographers

Osma Harvilahti
Maija Savolainen

2X Books of Interest

Geometry of Pasta
Shape of Design
Shape of Design illustrations

Moving Image

Lately I’ve been very into moving image. Especially lo-fi techniques like animated gifs.


Look at Me



via howtomakemoderndance

Presentation on Web Design Trends

A former colleque, Haaga Helia alumni and friend, project head Ilkka Martio was asked to give a presentation at a networking event for Haaga Helia in Pasila, Finland. He asked me to come up with the visual aesthetic for his presentation, a part of the traditional “Roots and Wings” themed event held as for the alumni of Marketing and Corporate Communications. The event mainly focused on visual storytelling and current trends.


Slide 1, How exciting…


The inner workings of modern web design


Don’t use lossy image formats, ok?


No more boring dropdown navs

The Calendar

I have some free hours here and there. So drop me a line through here and lets discuss how I can help you.

Arttu! featured on Editorial Design Served

Editorial Design Served features top work in the magazine and book design categories. The Served curation team chooses projects that move creativity forward in their respective industries, among a host of other top-secret but not-that-difficult-to-guess selection criteria.

Arttu! magazine published by the University of Art and Design Helsinki reports on the world of designers and design, audiovisual communication, art education and research.
The changing graphic design makes every issue unique. Bold pictures. Four times per year.

Creative & Stuff

As a little side project, DT Studio has teamed up with software engineer Rushil Dave to form a power-duo that offer web and mobile services for the masses. DT and mr. Dave are hard at work on the new collab and have we have created these illustrations as a little teaser to show what we’ve been up to. The site itself is still in the works and we’re taking our sweet little time with it and mostly working on client projects in the meantime.

The mission is to make good products that work intuitively, mobile and web content, social media campaigns and the like.

We’re constantly on the lookout for more talent – anyone interested in collaborating in client/art/pro bono projects should get in touch with DT.